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Stand Out in Silence

Generate more presence for one of the world's most innovative cars.

Enhance your Tesla

Transform your Tesla

The Voltes Gen-SS. High-energy design meets electrifying performance.

Voltes Gen SS - The Details

Tesla performance is an eye-opener, but while it is true there are those who like the discreet design of the standard car, there are others who would prefer their Tesla to look as good as it goes.

Voltes transforms Teslas, inside and out – but not underneath. A Tesla has supercar performance, and can easily pass somebody by, not least because of its silence, but also because of its visual discretion.

Voltes exterior and interior¬†enhancements, developed by the world’s foremost designers in their field, range from a simple but effective visual upgrade to a near-full redesign to your specification.

A Voltes Tesla relieves you of the need to make noise about your achievements, and gives you the power to silently stand out.

Styling and Accessories

Voltes is partnering with the world’s foremost designers and producers of Tesla body enhancement kits and full redesign packages.

Whatever you can see of your Tesla, Voltes can enhance or upgrade. There are purchase and installation options ranging from individual features to complete external transformation.

Enhance your Tesla

Voltes Gen-SS. The Silent Supercar.

The Voltes Gen-SS is the silent supercar, making your Tesla look as good as it goes. We take your Model S, or source one for you, and regenerate those looks to create a standout vehicle

Transform your Tesla